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"Sometimes you just have to take the leap, and build your wings on the way down." – Kobi Yamada
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One’s robust livelyhood can depend on the answers to such questions: are there things that are exciting to look forward to with sweet anticipation that draws you forward with a sense of thrill or enjoyment, or maybe even great and profound appreciation? 

Are such things not fountains of youth that speak to your purpose and vast potential for living a full and enriching life within, and with others?”

– Jeffry Jeanetta-Wark

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Working with EMDR

General Experiences with EMDR
Initially I thought that my response would be purely emotional or mental, but many turned out to be very physical – and that, I thought, was absolutely amazing. At first my emotions were hard to read – cluttered and mixed together – but as time passed I was better able to read and recognize my feelings. They became much clearer. Overall it was incredible, difficult at first, but I felt more and more strength and peace towards the end.

How EMDR has Helped
I feel more separated from the incident, not as engrosses in it…like “yes”, it did happen, but it happened in the past, so therefore I no longer need to re-live it in the future. I do not feel fearful. I feel stronger and more in control of what happens or what may happen in my life.

What has Changed
…overall I would say I feel more at peace with my emotions.

Everyone's healing experiences are different. Read what clients say about their sessions at The Center for Integrated Well-Being.

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