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The notion that our lives are like the eternal cycle of the seasons does not deny the struggle or the joy, the loss or the gain, the darkness or the light, but encourages us to embrace it all - and to find in all of it opportunity for growth.

– Parker J. Palmer

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Working with EMDR

General Experiences with EMDR
Initially I thought that my response would be purely emotional or mental, but many turned out to be very physical – and that, I thought, was absolutely amazing. At first my emotions were hard to read – cluttered and mixed together – but as time passed I was better able to read and recognize my feelings. They became much clearer. Overall it was incredible, difficult at first, but I felt more and more strength and peace towards the end.

How EMDR has Helped
I feel more separated from the incident, not as engrosses in it…like “yes”, it did happen, but it happened in the past, so therefore I no longer need to re-live it in the future. I do not feel fearful. I feel stronger and more in control of what happens or what may happen in my life.

What has Changed
…overall I would say I feel more at peace with my emotions.

Everyone's healing experiences are different. Read what clients say about their sessions at The Center for Integrated Well-Being.

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