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In anticipation of what is lined up - feel good.  And in celebration of what is already here- feel appreciation.

– Abraham-Hicks

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Birth of a Baby


I know we’ve said thank you already many times, but thanks again for all of the help you gave us in preparing for the birth of our son. Before we started our sessions with you, my wife and I were both nervous about the birth. I had a very hard time seeing my wife in pain and my tension made her more anxious.

Your suggestion to reframe “pain” into “pressure” was extremely helpful. Just changing the way we spoke about the upcoming labor made my wife more at east, which made me less anxious. It took the edge of fear off.

The visualization of the birth, of how I wanted to be during it all, helped a lot. Several times during the labor, when my wife was having extreme “pressure”, I remembered my vision of strong, loving support and protection. I really like the idea of a safe place. Not just calm or relaxing. The birth process is not calm and relaxing. However, it doesn’t have to be filled with fear and panic…

Our first hypnosis session was the deepest. For some reason, after our first session, I had trouble getting into a very deep place. However, I don’t think that was a big deal. Expressing my fears about the birthing process and hearing my wife’s fears, was very valuable in addition to the deep, relaxed visualizations…

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Birth of Baby

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